1000 Mile Mom

It's not just a goal… it's a lifestyle adjustment!

Day 13: April 10, 2013- wish the dog would quit licking my leg!

on April 10, 2013

Day 13: 5.36 miles today, Miles to go: 928.31… Was hoping for more distance today, but got caught up in a home quote at Bob’s office around 4:50, which had me late to football practice (we started learning plays tonight= super fun!!), which also ran over. That’s OK, though. I hit my 5 for the day after a 2 mile run once we got home, so I’m happy! Need to shower up, though, so Ozzie quits licking my leg- yuck! LOL!!! After that, going to work on the new art room till Bob gets home from umpiring. Aside from the day going by really fast, not too much new or exciting happened. Looking forward to the Alzheimer’s Association gala this SAT, but have a bunch of SMILE, school, League and other stuff to tackle in the meantime. Makes me grateful for the time to get out and exercise…. sometimes silence is not only golden, it lets you strategize how you plan to tackle your day (or in my case evening)!

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