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Day 16: April 13, 2013- back on the saddle

on April 13, 2013

Day 16: 11.4 miles today, Miles to go: 906.97… Long day, but  overall a good one. Started the day with a ten mile walk this morning to get me back on the saddle after last night’s fall. My knee was still a bit sore, but I think it’s more from the abrasion than an injury. Weeded the front yard, then prepared for an afternoon out and about town running kids and getting in another over a mile walk in. Ended the evening photographing the Alzheimer’s Association Making Memories Gala.

So you may wonder how I track my walks and runs… I use the Nike+ GPS Watch that Bobby gave me Mothers’ Day last year, and it has made all the difference!!!


Why do I like it about it?

  • I can track my mileage down to the 1/100th of a mile
  • It can track my calories burned as well as my elapsed time and pace.
  • It also works as a watch, so I can check what time it is to make sure I get home in time.
  • For my evening runs and walks, all I have to do is tap it once, and it is backlit- perfect to check out what I am doing (when I am not tripping all over myself like last night!).
  • It makes sure that I am not cheating myself by cutting corners. My mile walks are not .90 or .95. They are full miles!!!
  • Once I am done with a walk, I plug the watch into my computer and download it to my Nike+ account, which tracks my distances for that walk or run as well as my cumulative distance.
  • Lastly, the Nike+ website and the watch give encouraging messages. When I finish a long run or milestone, the watch generally gives me a message right away. Other cumulative milestones or goals hit are recognized when you log into the website.

This GPS tracking watch has made all the difference in my goals since last year, and I highly recommend it!!!

So, with that being said, keep on keepin’ on, and have a great night! I myself am getting out of my high heel boots as soon as humanly possible (that I sported for the Alzheimer’s Association Making Memories Gala) so that I can ice both ankles and my knee, all three still sore from last night’s tumble!

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