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Day 19: April 16, 2013- Slow day, but that’s OK!!!

on April 16, 2013

Day 19: 4.51 miles today, Miles to go: 882.10… Not as many miles as I would have liked for the day, but considering I did 10+ miles yesterday, I’m still on pace to hit my mini goal of 50 miles for the week.

For as much as I love to log miles, sometimes quality time with friends and loved ones trumps personal goals. So I spent a small part of today up at the hospital with a friend and her son as well as logged one of my miles with my amazing husband who I have to share umped his first college game today (super proud wife right here!!!). Not too much new to report. Did opt for a Frosty in lieu of a real lunch, so was famished after my Junior League meeting. Debated on what fast food drive through I could go through after the meeting to grab a low-cal, somewhat healthy dinner… stopped at the grocery store instead and went with a Red Delicious apple and eggs. Scrambled eggs with two Tablespoons of salsa for my late inner = yum and healthy!!! Since my walks were not terribly earth shattering today (with the exception of the teenage driver that about ran over Bob and I pulling into the cul-de-sac), I won’t take up any more of your time. I hope you all had a wonderful and productive day, and I promise to be more enlightening tomorrow ; )

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