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Day 23: Rocked the Ride + logged 9 miles

on April 20, 2013

Day 23: 9.07 miles today, Miles to go: 850.7… After months and months of posting about it, the kids and I officially “Rocked the Ride” today and did the 2nd annual Junior League of Evansville/Evansville Morning Rotary Rockin River City Ride.

logo_final copy

So not only did I do 2 miles in the morning and 7 miles post ride this afternoon, but the kids and I along with a fellow Team Blonde football player friend rode 18 miles around the outskirts of our beautiful city of Evansville. You’d think after 18 miles of biking and 9 miles of walking/running, I’d be tired, but so far I haven’t hit the wall yet. I still have the Rockin River City Battle of the Bands to attend tonight followed by a friend’s 40th birthday party, so I hope that I don’t fall asleep on the drive from the house! Either way, I am extremely pleased with the effort put forth today and the ride event in general. The route was well marked, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we got a nice meal afterwards, and the kids were able to play in the kids’ park after the ride as well.

DSCF9181 DSCF9199


I’m not gonna lie and say that my rear end isn’t sore, but other than that, I feel really good. I am icing my knee to be on the safe side (I hit my sore knee as my gears shifted right at the start of the ride), but my quad feels normal, which is a huge relief.  Other than that, last night’s Cooper birthday party was a big success…. Tiring and a hectic with 7 kids in tow to the laser tag and pee wee golf place followed by all but two of them spending the night… but a success nonetheless. I do need to run and shower, though, so I can get ready for tonight! Can’t wait to listen to Akacia and our 5 top finalists!!!

I hope that you all have had as enjoyable of a SAT as I have. Take care, and have a great rest of the weekend!!!

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