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Day 25: April 22, 2013- Wear proper footwear!

on April 22, 2013

Day 25: 8.16 miles today, Miles to go: 829.74… Where did today go? I didn’t venture out this morning because the phones were ringing off the hook today at the office. However, I did manage to squeeze in just shy of two miles on the USI campus when I had to meet my professor. I do not recommend attempting any substantial distance if you are not in the proper shoes, though. A rubbed raw blister on my right ankle and an icepack on my left ankle are both the result of not packing my tennies to trek across campus. Doodle bug joined me after work for a 2 mile speed walk,


and then I did the last 4+ miles this evening after Art Smart and a stop up at St. Mary’s to visit a friend and her son. It was a quiet, beautiful night, one that was all the more enjoyable because the bright moonlight made for a very well lit path. Am glad the day is finally done, though. Just have some pics to upload for SMILE onto Facebook, and then I am turning in for the night! Until later…

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