1000 Mile Mom

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Day 33: April 30, 2013- 250 miles in the books!

on April 30, 2013

Day 33: 6.09 miles today, Miles to go: 748.62… This evening’s 6+ miles put me past 250 miles, which means I am now at 25% of goal!!! Woo hoo! With that being said, the eye is on the mend… who knew eye injuries should be added to the list of running/walking cautions?!? I did end up going to my optometrist today because the irritation had made my eye bloodshot, watery, and light sensitive. Thankfully there was no corneal tear or left over bug parts from my runner/insect collision. I can also share that if you are in the same situation, here is what Dr. Christine Verbeck of Harmony Eyecare advises: 1) irrigate with saline 2) if the eye remains red or irritated or you have a foreign body sensation, consult your eye doctor 3) also consult your eye doctor if there is a light sensitivity discharge, or persistent blurred vision. I personally had a fine mix of all of the above so I am grateful to have such an amazing doctor, colleague, and friend!

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