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Day 64, May 31, 2013- Leisurely day

Day 64: 4.03 miles logged, 521.18 to go… 4 mile morning run, and again the humidity (or lack thereof) was just what I had hoped for. Spent the day running, picking up my race pack, and then lounging around the Lake Michigan beach with my mom and daughter…

424644_10151947512209447_852723700_n  970289_10151947837154447_1354644446_n   756_10151947925994447_749738577_n

Ready to rock this weekend!!!


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Day 63: May 30, 2013- Road Trip Home

Day 63: 7.03 miles logged, 525.21 to go… 4 mile morning run, 6 hour drive home to LaPorte, then a 4 mile run to get acclimated to the temp and humidity up here (and stretch my legs from the what seemed like an endless drive!!!). Thankfully, the humidity wasn’t near as bad as I feared! Yeah : ) That’s a HUGE relief in regards to SAT’s big run!!!

Now, just sitting here looking at race logistics (and watching Pitch Perfect with Mia and my niece Emma)… The marathon starts at 6am on SAT, which is 5am LaPorte time. I’m pretty excited because that means that if I start early, it will be over during the coolest part of the day. Woot! Woot! They have a shuttle back to the car, so it looks like I am driving myself over and am just going to take the shuttle back to my car when it’s over. Am not used to doing a race without the whole family, but there’s a first for everything, right? The only downside is that it looks like an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms… yikes! Guess I’ll throw my iPod and phone in a ziplock bag to keep them dry?!? Not sure what protocol is for running in storms. My watch, thankfully, is “weather resistant.”

Picking up my race pack tomorrow, then was going to head to the Lake Michigan beach with sis and my mom. Weather.com is calling for strong winds and storms, though, so will play that by ear… Mia has started a new book series, and I was hoping to work on my manuscript. I think that’s all for now. I’m getting tired from the running and the driving, so I’m going to turn over the tv for the girls to watch Hunger Games… Hasta luego!

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Day 62: May 29, 2013- Never apologize for having high standards

Day 62: 7.01 miles logged, 532.24 to go… 4 mile morning run, 3 mile run to end the evening. Wish the day would have been better. I posted the other week a quote that I liked… “Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.” What happens, though, if the one person you want to meet your expectations simply doesn’t?

I have a friend that I care about, but try as I may, being friends with this person can be like beating my head against a wall. I’ll just leave it at that. So to feel better, I ran it out, but all those miles on the road equal a LOT of time to think and contemplate. Still at odds with the situation, but it is what it is. Wish I knew what to do.…

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Day 61: May 28, 2013- Art Day and Fun time with the kiddos

Day 61: 7.03 miles logged, 539.25 to go… 4 mile morning run, 1 mile midday, and 2 mile walk to end the evening. Taught my first adult art class for the SMILE moms. Then got officially registered for SAT’s South Bend Marathon and was able to leave for home early with the kids. So, they painted while I cleaned out the truck (anyone who knows me knows that by the time I get around to it, I usually need a shovel to clean out my vehicle. In the winters, it’s too cold to clean out, and in the summers, I practicely live out of it, so it’s constantly full : )). Anyway, productive day and just really looking forward to SAT’s big run! Ready to head home for a short weekend, can’t wait to see my mom and go to the beach on FRI for some quiet time!

Check out our artwork fun…


966642_10151941403989447_711971422_o  20130528_201237

The kiddos…

 20130528_154955  20130528_195844  20130528_155022

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Day 60: May 27, 2013- So much for taking it easy this week!

Day 60: 12.36 miles logged, 546.28 to go… Well, so much for four miles a day between SUN and FRI. My four mile run turned into a six mile jog because I simply got into the zone. Logged four miles midday, and then just finished an additional 2 mile walk. Great morning at Burdette swim park with the kiddos,


finished most of my new art room, and worked a good portion of the evening on the revised SMILE on Down Syndrome website! All in all, it was a super productive day… next up, teaching my first adult art class for the SMILE moms tomorrow… can’t wait- we are doing mixed media, and I pulled a ton of stuff from my new and improved art haven upstairs at the house! Should be a fun time!!!

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Day 59: May 26, 2013- Cold morning, but warmer afternoon football practice

Day 59: 4.20 miles logged, 558.64 to go… Chilly SUN 6am challenge with Debbie. We opted for only 4 miles (vs. 6) due to the weather and my photography schedule for the rest of the day. Productive and fun Team Blonde football practice… ready for WED’s practice scrimmage, and think we are almost ready for next SUN’s big Blondes vs. Brunettes (Alzheimer’s Association charity football) game. I had to stop myself from squeezing in more evening miles. No sense in pushing myself too hard between now and SAT if I plan to go all out on SAT. Planning on around 4 miles a day between now and then. My legs were definitely a bit tight, but totally manageable. I was concerned that next SUN would involve minimal involvement for the game based on the marathon the day before, but after seeing what I still had in me at practice, I think I’ll be OK!

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Day 58: May 25, 2013- Milestone run

Day 58: 20.00 miles logged, 562.84 to go… Did my first ever 20 mile run. It wasn’t as hard as I feared, and I feel confident that I should be OK next SAT.


Followed that up with 4 hours of re-landscaping and a great evening hanging out with friends around the campfire. Lovely day during a fun holiday weekend!

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Day 57: May 24, 2013- Holiday World Fun and wedding albums

Day 57: 1.00 mile logged, 582.84 to go… Great day at Holiday World with the family. Stopped at McDonalds on 41 and I-64 along the way to check on one of my besties Kat Mykals and Rob while they did their morning radio show on the road! Had a blast, and Rob even let the kids hop on the mic to talk about their favorite rides… Love my dj friends!!!

468858_10151933568239447_2034077005_o  981056_10151933568534447_467046547_o

 20130524_141532 20130524_120347

Now watching a Once Upon a Time marathon while I work on a wedding album. Girls’ Night Out fell through, so I’m going to call it a night soon to get up early for tomorrow’s big run… wish me luck. This will be my final long run before next weekend’s big trip back home! More info to come when I can share what distance I hit when it’s all said and done…

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Day 56: May 23, 2013- Rainy, headachy day

Day 56: 4.01 miles logged, 583.84 miles to go- Four mile morning run was about the extent of my day… rain and a migraine were the ultimate sidelining factors : ( Tomorrow will be another low mile day in preparation for SAT’s long run.

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Day 55: May 22, 2013 Gearing up for game day

Day 55: 10.04 miles logged, 577.81 miles to go- A bit bruised up from practice, but getting really excited for game day!

263213_10151929865524447_1291137727_n Double rainbows = double the fun at practice!!!


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