1000 Mile Mom

It's not just a goal… it's a lifestyle adjustment!

Day 42: May 9, 2013- Two milestones in one day!

on May 10, 2013

Day 42, 15.03 miles today, Miles to go: 685.66- awesome 10 mile run tonight, although I have decided that runs near Green River and the Lloyd definitely expose me to more car exhaust. I have done longer than 10 mile runs, but tonight is the first time that I’ve had any post run breathing issues (heavy chest with large inhales, etc.). I’m fine, just think I’ll keep my runs closer to home or stick to the parks from now on. Exciting news is that today I not only passed the 300 mark, but I also hit my mini-goal early of 100 miles/two weeks : ) On a different note, I saw the most beautiful double rainbow this morning. Well worth getting up at 6am for the walk. Made me think about the phrase about keeping your head up. Had I kept staring at my tennies like I was doing, I would have totally missed the whole thing. Thankfully a wonderful neighbor called it to my attention as I rounded the cul-de-sac. So think about what you might be missing during your day if you don’t hold your head high! Happy running!!!

P.S. Logged my fastest 5K time last night, too : )


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