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Day 45: May 12, 2013- Happy Mothers’ Day

on May 12, 2013

Day 45, 10.27 miles today, Miles to go: 663.39- SUN 6am challenge walk with Debbie and Cate, scouted photo locations around New Harmony, and ended my physical activity for the day at football practice tonight. Glad to see the New Harmony trails are no longer under water. They were completely submerged a few weeks ago. 

Blessed to be a mom and have the privilege of celebrating this wonderful day with my amazing kiddos. Was also lucky to get to spend a part of the day with my fellow Team Blonde teammates who are role models as mothers, volunteers, and friends! I hope everyone also had an enjoyable day, and I wish you the best for this upcoming week… Next up for me, Cardinal game in STL tomorrow night!

914164_10151910685964447_1919177384_o   20130512_133021

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