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Day 52: May 19, 2013- Half marathons and sundresses

on May 19, 2013

Day 52: 11.14 miles logged, 604.89 miles to go- I can’t stress how fun it is to walk with friends. As most of you know, I lead what I call my SUN 6am challenge with Cate Sisco and Debbie Bailey out at USI.

971074_10151922838699447_1591698449_n (note: we saw this little guy on the trail up by the Discovery Lodge)

We started it last year as a way for me to train them up so that we could all walk the Evansville Half Marathon together (my fourth, their first). We are continuing the tradition this year, and I just have to share how wonderful it is to have girlfriends who are there to listen, to offer advice, and to be my support system as I train and just in life in general. I am blessed to know these women, and I am honored to be a part of their lives. We do welcome new folks, though, so if you are ever interested in seeing if you are up to the challenge, just let me know. Whether you want to train for the half in the fall or you just want to start getting in some regular exercise, it is a wonderful way to explore the USI to Burdette trail. We walk it at a relatively slow pace, and the conversation makes the time go by fast! With that being said, I just looked up the date of the half so that I could get it in my calendar. The YMCA is hosting it on SAT, OCT 5 this year-  THE SAME DAY AS BUDDY WALK, AND THE FIRST TIME IT’S BEEN ON A SATURDAY- grr!!! Because I can’t be in two places at once (I coordinate the Buddy Walk), I am proposing that we do a half marathon distance (noting that I can track our distance down to the hundredth of a mile with my GPS watch) and then go to Bar Louie again for brunch with the families to celebrate… anyone is welcome to join us!!!

On a different note, it was definitely a hot football practice, but great time with family and friends. Looking forward to our upcoming scrimmage game and the big Blondes vs. Brunettes 2013 showdown!


P.S. who needs to go summer sun dress shopping when you can recycle old high school, college, and pre-kids dresses from your closet. Super excited to find stuff fitting again!


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