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Day 57: May 24, 2013- Holiday World Fun and wedding albums

on May 24, 2013

Day 57: 1.00 mile logged, 582.84 to go… Great day at Holiday World with the family. Stopped at McDonalds on 41 and I-64 along the way to check on one of my besties Kat Mykals and Rob while they did their morning radio show on the road! Had a blast, and Rob even let the kids hop on the mic to talk about their favorite rides… Love my dj friends!!!

468858_10151933568239447_2034077005_o  981056_10151933568534447_467046547_o

 20130524_141532 20130524_120347

Now watching a Once Upon a Time marathon while I work on a wedding album. Girls’ Night Out fell through, so I’m going to call it a night soon to get up early for tomorrow’s big run… wish me luck. This will be my final long run before next weekend’s big trip back home! More info to come when I can share what distance I hit when it’s all said and done…

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