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Day 61: May 28, 2013- Art Day and Fun time with the kiddos

on May 28, 2013

Day 61: 7.03 miles logged, 539.25 to go… 4 mile morning run, 1 mile midday, and 2 mile walk to end the evening. Taught my first adult art class for the SMILE moms. Then got officially registered for SAT’s South Bend Marathon and was able to leave for home early with the kids. So, they painted while I cleaned out the truck (anyone who knows me knows that by the time I get around to it, I usually need a shovel to clean out my vehicle. In the winters, it’s too cold to clean out, and in the summers, I practicely live out of it, so it’s constantly full : )). Anyway, productive day and just really looking forward to SAT’s big run! Ready to head home for a short weekend, can’t wait to see my mom and go to the beach on FRI for some quiet time!

Check out our artwork fun…


966642_10151941403989447_711971422_o  20130528_201237

The kiddos…

 20130528_154955  20130528_195844  20130528_155022

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