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Day 63: May 30, 2013- Road Trip Home

on May 30, 2013

Day 63: 7.03 miles logged, 525.21 to go… 4 mile morning run, 6 hour drive home to LaPorte, then a 4 mile run to get acclimated to the temp and humidity up here (and stretch my legs from the what seemed like an endless drive!!!). Thankfully, the humidity wasn’t near as bad as I feared! Yeah : ) That’s a HUGE relief in regards to SAT’s big run!!!

Now, just sitting here looking at race logistics (and watching Pitch Perfect with Mia and my niece Emma)… The marathon starts at 6am on SAT, which is 5am LaPorte time. I’m pretty excited because that means that if I start early, it will be over during the coolest part of the day. Woot! Woot! They have a shuttle back to the car, so it looks like I am driving myself over and am just going to take the shuttle back to my car when it’s over. Am not used to doing a race without the whole family, but there’s a first for everything, right? The only downside is that it looks like an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms… yikes! Guess I’ll throw my iPod and phone in a ziplock bag to keep them dry?!? Not sure what protocol is for running in storms. My watch, thankfully, is “weather resistant.”

Picking up my race pack tomorrow, then was going to head to the Lake Michigan beach with sis and my mom. Weather.com is calling for strong winds and storms, though, so will play that by ear… Mia has started a new book series, and I was hoping to work on my manuscript. I think that’s all for now. I’m getting tired from the running and the driving, so I’m going to turn over the tv for the girls to watch Hunger Games… Hasta luego!

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