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Day 67: June 3, 2013- Settling back in and preparing for summer baseball

on June 3, 2013

Day 67: 7:04 miles logged, 485.97 to go… Back to work, back to reality, although I will share that I had to wait for the internet guy, so I came in around 12:30pm instead of 8am. That was nice, but it left me feeling a bit behind all day. I did, though, walk in the morning with Bob- 2 miles with him, followed by a two mile run by myself. I also did a three mile run when I got home from work and then did a final one mile walk with Bob to end my evening. Tonight was the first time that I had any substantial pain from SAT’s run. There is a twinge behind my left knee that I’ll need to ice and to watch and as such, I think I am going to not run in the morning. Bob is excited to start running with me, though, so I hope to get back into a good swing of things soon so that I don’t miss the momentum of his excitement. The whole running through the tunnel at Notre Dame has him convinced to try the Sunburst event next year. Realistically, with his knees (that went through both college baseball and football and noting that he still refs high school football and umpires high school and college baseball), I think the half marathon will be more his speed, but I’ll tell ya that nothing quite compares to logging those 26.2 miles. Speaking of which, I need to get my sticker ordered for the back of my truck!!!

On a different note, my house will be inundated with baseball players starting next week. Bob is in this 12th year of coaching the Razorbacks, a traveling 17-18 year old baseball team. It’s life as usual for our household, and we are honored to be a part of this exciting time for these young athletes… that and my kids get instant big brothers for the summer!!! Since its inception in 2002, Razorback Baseball has had over 182 collegiate signees, 20 MLB Amateur Draft picks, nine College All-Americans, 40 College All-Conference, 79 All-State, 29 Indiana All-South, 58 Kentucky All-West, and 14 Illinois All-South players. In 2012 alone, Razorback Baseball graduated 19 seniors into college baseball programs. Over the past nine seasons 143/143 (100%) of our players have received offers to continue their baseball careers at the collegiate level. Being a college-prep travel program, Razorback Baseball recruits from roughly a 500-mile radius of Evansville, IN. We have opened our home to kids from all over the country, and we’re ready to do so again… So bring on the summer baseball! The Davis family is ready!!!

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