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Day 68: June 4, 2013- Low miles, busy day…

on June 4, 2013

Day 68: 3:05 miles logged, 482.92 to go… Busy evening with Cooper’s baseball game and Mia’s cheer, I did log one morning mile as well as scored a two mile walk with the hubby mid-Cardinal game. We even took two of our four dogs for the evening walk, and they thoroughly enjoyed it… and yes, we have four dogs. Our human to dog ratio is now one to one. We won’t be adding any more as our household is now complete. We have two rescues from the Warrick County Shelter (our lab/spaniel mix and our Yorkie) and two from the Kentucky Boxer Rescue. The Yorkie rules the roost, our oldest boxer is the old man of the group, and the other two behave like our children… super sweet one moment, and totally mischievous the next! We had planned to walk two more miles, but with the Cardinal game still on and in extra innings when we returned and both of us being extremely tired, we both agreed to call it a night.

I will share that as easy as it is to build up a good habit (approximately three days of consistent work), it is just as easy to build up a bad one (not getting out and hitting your goals), so my lesson for the night is that if I want to get my butt back in gear, I need to get back with the program and consistently log miles. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but by THUR, my goal is to be back running minimum four mile distances. Fingers crossed that my left knee will cooperate, and more to come on that as soon as I know!

Last item of note is that I bought a 3’x4′ canvas at Michaels that I cannot wait to tackle!!! One of my best friends has asked me to design a painting for her kitchen, and I will also be doing two smaller mixed media pieces for her living room. Looking forward to starting the project this weekend. Will post pics as the pieces progress : )


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