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Day 69: June 5, 2013- Dog walkin’ fun

on June 5, 2013

Day 69: 3:02 miles logged, 479.90 to go… Three evening miles walked with the company of Mia (via bike for one and on foot for the other mile), and one dog per mile walked (Mia took Maggie on her lap around). I mentioned my dogs in last night’s post, so I thought I would introduce you to my menagerie. Each has a special place in my heart for very different reasons…

davis doggies

Dante [a.k.a. Mr. Didders]: He is like the elder statesman of the house. He came to us from the Bluegrass Boxer Rescue when we lived up in Darmstadt. We were told that he was a boxer/mastiff mix, and he didn’t even make my list when I was looking at dogs on the website. The Kentucky Boxer Rescue organization does an amazing job of placing dogs with families, and after a home visit and conferring, Dante joined our household. We kept his name as is since Mia could pronounce it, and aside from his whippy long tail that was never docked, he has been the perfect dog for our family… gentle with the kids and laid back with the other dogs. Apparently, he’s a little camera shy, though, because it was all I could do to snap this pic!

Sophie [a.k.a. Sophie Lou, Lou Lou, Lucy Belle]: Sophie joined our household about a year after Chloe (mine and Bob’s first dog from college) past away. We got her at Petsmart through the Warrick County Shelter program, and she filled a big hole in my heart after I lost Chloe. We think she’s a lab/spaniel mix, and she loves any and all personal attention. She’s super smart, and extra hairy, so we are in the process of ordering longer prongs for her electric fence because she has figured out how to sneak out of the line despite a full charge on the collar.

Osborne Earl [a.k.a. Ozzie, the Horse-Pony]: Named after Cardinal great Osborne Earl Smith, Ozzie was my Mother’s Day gift from a few years back. He also came from the Bluegrass Boxer Rescue and was chosen for us through the group. When the website described him as a “big boy,” we had no idea that he would be the size of a small pony! He’s like a bull in a china shop as he isn’t quite out of his puppy stage, but he is SUCH A BIG SWEETIE!!! He’s my big baby. (On an aside, his back story is that he came from one of those crazy people who had like 70 dogs where animal control had to come in and take all of the animals… so he, too, loves attention!)

Maggie [a.k.a. Mag-Pie, the Furry Chicken Nugget, Baby Chewbacca]: Maggie joined our household when we ended up fostering this little gal. She is a Yorkie, and she came from a household where the gentleman fell and hit his head. He went into a coma, came out of it, went back into it, and eventually passed away. Fostering led to adoption, though, because after three big dogs, she was such a little pip squeak that you can hardly tell we have another one in the household. That and she is super behaved, potty trained when we got her, and the kids ADORE her! So at this point, she is the unofficial alpha (technically, I would say that Dante is, but he is so laid back, he lets her run the show), and we are blessed to have her a part of our family.

As mentioned before, our human to dog ratio is now one-to-one, so the inn is now full, and we have room for no more. My canine babies are a huge part of our life, though, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!  

P.S. The other note to this story is that shelter dogs make great family pets. They are usually so appreciative to have a good home, they are extremely loyal! For more information on the Warrick County Shelter, visit: http://warrickhumanesociety.org/. For information on the Bluegrass Boxer Rescue, visit: http://www.bluegrassboxerrescue.org/ (although, I HIGHLY recommend adopting boxers who are at least 2-3 years old. They are super spanky and high strung as puppies… I’m just sayin’!)

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