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Day 73: June 9, 2013- Blissfully fulfilling family day

on June 9, 2013

Day 73: 8.25 miles logged, 450.52 to go… Uneventful SUN 6AM Challenge with Debbie. We miss Cate, though, but hopefully she will be joining us in the near future when Jacob’s hospital stay comes to an end! I will tell you how shocked I was to see people beat us out walking this morning. Typically we are the first ones out there every SUN morning, but this morning there were two sets of people who I came across when I pulled up at 5:50am.


Worked on the landscaping after that. Pulled out all of my blackeyed Susan and all of the other foliage by the house. Then hit the pool with Bob and the kids (too cold for me to get in), followed by a visit to Lowes for mulch and topsoil. When we got home, it had started to sprinkle, but we stayed out in the rain and got all the bigger plants back into the ground and most of the mulch laid.

969977_10151967531379447_1348868008_n  966557_10151967027894447_320656977_o

Everyone was pretty tired after that, but for a treat, I stayed up a bit and made a box mix of pumpkin cupcakes with from scratch glaze. Also made a from scratch chocolate chip banana from scratch muffin as well.


After our nap, we made a hodge podge dinner from leftovers, and then we all headed back to Burdette to do a rowdy 2 mile family walk. It wasn’t near as peaceful as when Bob and I go by ourselves, but it did burn some steam off for the kids, who had a pleasant (relatively quiet) rest of the night. Topped it off by picking up and watching Silver Lining’s Playbook… great movie! I love it and the amount of time I got to spend with the family today and this weekend as a whole!!!

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