1000 Mile Mom

It's not just a goal… it's a lifestyle adjustment!

Day 86: June 22, 2013: And I wonder why my weekends fly by so fast…

on June 22, 2013

Day 86: 3.00 miles logged, 373.21 to go… 3 mile morning run before my Junior League board retreat. Got up at 5:30am to hit the road, left the house early to be to Wesselman Nature Preserve by 7am, spent the majority of my day at the retreat,

994283_10151997229549447_594513596_n  1009884_10152003670109447_1554348361_n

then was the ring leader of the slumber party for three little girls for the rest of the night. Finished Debbie’s two mixed media pieces for her kitchen before turning in for the night, and then went to bed feeling like it was a productive day!

1006185_10151998446009447_805955689_n  1016104_10151998364154447_1520756427_n

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