1000 Mile Mom

It's not just a goal… it's a lifestyle adjustment!

Day 87: June 23, 2013- And the weekend fun (a.k.a. me being REALLY busy) continues…

on June 23, 2013

Day 87: 8.52 miles logged, 364.69 to go… 2.52 mile run at 6am, followed by a 6 mile SUN 7am challenge walk with Debbie (we pushed back an hour since we weren’t in a huge rush to get started after the girls spent the night). Made breakfast for the five us (Mia and I, Debbie and her two daughters), and then cooked a few meals for a friend and his wife who just had a baby. Took the three girls to the pool,

1040441_10151999687469447_1222205170_o  1040073_10151999729669447_1126945928_o

then dropped them off at Debbie’s. Dropped off the food, and then presented the Junior League of Evansville Signature Projects at the last of three summer recruitment events.


Picked up Mia, and then did a photoshoot for a friend and her little sister. Spent the rest of the night picking up the house, and working on my manuscript. Can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. Looking forward to my dad coming in from Kansas next weekend!!! Hope this work week goes by as fast : )

P.S. on a funny note, just had to share the pic I found on my camera. Apparently my crafty little daughter decided to make a dog house for Mags. Loving the detailed flowers that she added in felt!


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