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Day 88: June 24- Worst migraine EVER!!!!

on June 24, 2013

Day 88: 3.02 miles logged, 361.67 miles to go… 3 mile evening walk with Bob to end my night. Grateful that my migraine finally abated. The morning started off well. HUGE thunderstorm, but at first no headache. Headed to Walmart to grab supplies for my afternoon mailing project and got a bit sidetracked with the oh, so pretty journals!!!


Nina laughed at me and said that my “the source of my distraction” Facebook post would make for a good book or movie title : )

After that, attended sculpture class with the kids this morning (Unfortunately, that’s when the migraine set in, but overall it was a fun time- the kids are making a sculpture this week of the bend in the river. It is being designed out of steel and driftwood and will be displayed at the front of the Patchwork Central building),

1016659_10152003762499447_1066093854_n  1048072_10152003762639447_1738233191_o

worked with the Kohl’s A-Team on a SMILE mailing and sent Trucks & Heroes follow-ups this afternoon,


and then taught my SMILE Art Smart class tonight.


Yet another full day : ) Gotta love it!

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