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Day 89: June 25, 2013- Hot day to run so far!

on June 25, 2013

Day 89: 10.25 miles logged, 351.55 miles to go… 4 mile morning run, 6 mile evening run/walk on the East side of Evansville. Morning spent at the kids’ sculpture class,

944436_10152004785354447_1368318915_n  1013901_10152004785579447_1382563574_n  1013725_10152004890304447_892142019_n  947145_10152004858589447_631147829_n  1048374_10152004824134447_1634827292_o

afternoon at the office working and preparing for a JLE meeting with one of my committee chairs to go over our plan for the upcoming year. Had the opportunity to go run/walk after work while Mia was at cheer. So spent the time enjoying the east side and working on the plot line development for my manuscript. Lots of miles = great opportunity for creative brainstorming!

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