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Day 90: June 26, 2013- Fillings, dancing, and storms

on June 26, 2013

Day 90: 8.02 miles logged, 343.53 miles to go… 4 mile morning run, 4 mile evening run after the rain passed through. Grateful the storm didn’t elicit a migraine because it was a packed day. Missed Arts & Smarts with the kiddos because Cooper managed to break off a filling chewing on a straw.


Productive day at the office, and then supervised two SMILE dance classes

 1048472_10152008463829447_614848182_o 1052675_10152008466779447_746314096_o

before heading home to pickup the house for my dad’s arrival and the baseball players coming in for the weekend. The house looks great, and I got some writing in. Have decided to start posting my manuscript word count via social media as well to keep me on track to finish by my AUG 24th birthday. We’ll see how this goes…


In the meantime, here are a few additional fun pics from the day:

Love my little Junior League of Evansville daughter1013050_10152007070629447_380200335_n

Midafternoon ice cream run (and yes… the GD Ritzy coupons did come from our dentist Dr. Johnson) 1006132_10152007800154447_671775095_n

and gotta love my boxer boys. Caught Dante lounging on Ozzie while I was dusting the living room! 1012994_10152008602729447_177458191_n

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