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Day 91: June 27, 2013- final preparations for the baseball players’ arrival…

on June 27, 2013

Day 91: 8.02 miles logged, 335.51 miles to go… 3 mile morning run, 5 mile evening run. Had to cut my morning run short to pickup the house for the baseball players’ arrival and to leave the house for BNI. Last day of art for the week for the kiddos,

  10160_10152010068434447_150220209_n  999008_10152010068164447_478464727_n

put the down payment on SUN’s canoe trip, and then had a productive afternoon meeting with my 2013-2014 Corresponding Secretary for Junior League. Finished cleaning the house for my dad’s arrival and was unfortunately a paranoid mess over a low tire gauge (thanks Tony for filling me on what to do while Bob was at baseball). Ended my evening with my 5 mile run and a bit of writing and typing!


P.S. Check out the hydrangeas that I was finally able to cut off of my bush this year!

1004421_10152010830544447_888464154_n So excited!!!

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