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Day 117: July 24, 2013- Summer is flying by!

on July 24, 2013

Day 117: 29 miles logged since last FRI, 248.25 miles to go… A lot of four mile morning runs over the last week, but a few evening jaunts as well thanks to this wonderfully cool weather. Successfully turned in all of my 4H Open Class entries over the weekend, and will be taking home a few colorful ribbons when I pick everything up on SUN : ) Great MON night Art Smart Class; got rained on, hailed on, and snake slithered by at Howell Wetlands for our TUE night SMILE calendar photoshoot; and taught my first Hobby Lobby art class and had a fun SMILE dance class on WED. Busy with SMILE Buddy Walk prep. Excited we’ve added a 5K this year. This are coming along smoothly, and I look forward to sharing more information on the event. Extremely grateful for such a productive week! A few fun pics below. Also, BTW, WC= 60,045 ; ) less than 25,000 more words to go!

1004887_10152058787049447_1551939037_n Got to help with THUR’s summer fun at the SMILE Center and Wired

164418_10152063006339447_2141579995_n 13260_10152063086844447_441186990_n SAT fun with Mia included teaching her to crack eggs one handed while we prepared breakfast for 92 people at the homeless shelter on SAT followed by driftwood collection along the river

1079081_10152063407284447_1573256049_o Got to play with powertools with said driftwood

1001871_10152064076699447_2114738006_n LOVED THE FINAL RESULTS ON THIS, but truth be told it didn’t even place for open class. Oh well! It’ll look great on my back porch!

1072516_10152064052229447_1915690814_o This little labor of love unfortantely did not fare so well. Turned out so pretty, but too fragile! I will also state that at this point I am totally over wood glue! Apparently drilling and wiring is the way to go with these driftwood projects!

1074816_10152063254384447_1550049264_o 994254_10152065695134447_504586388_n A few more cute open class projects

1000720_10152066611894447_1996486961_n Hit the pool with Mia SUN afternoon after our Open Class drop off before Bob and Cooper made their way home from their baseball tourney

977150_10152069364759447_428848195_o 969756_10152069403789447_972717828_n 1072594_10152069470019447_1562436195_o Fun times with stamps at my MON night Art Smart class!

1075717_10152071847764447_575754906_n Funny story behind this pic… two minutes later we had torrential rains and hail for my calendar shoot. Then just as I was starting to post this pic to Facebook, a snake slithered right by my flip-flopped foot- ugh!!!! Heebie jeebies. I high tailed it out of the spot right quick!

At my mixed class, participants can be as creative and carefree as they’d like, but for those wanting structure, this week’s class focused around creating a piece that described the person. This is how mine turned out- media: card stock, acrylic paint watered down, magazine collage, and stamping : )

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