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Day 120: July 27, 2013- What I wouldn’t do for frozen yogurt… YUM!

on July 27, 2013

Day 120: 14 miles logged, 221.25 miles to go… 10 mile morning run in the pouring rain


and a more pleasant evening 4 mile run to top off my miles for the day. I have to share, though, my thoughts on the carrot. I live and die by the carrot when it comes to my running and other goals. What is the carrot? It is the thing that motivates you when you are pushing through tough goals. Carrots can be large gifts to yourself for hitting something major, or you can grant yourself smaller carrots as you inch towards a larger overall goal. For me, I pushed through all agonizingly wet 10 miles this morning visualizing a large bowl of fat free frozen yogurt (flavor didn’t matter just as long as it was fat free) topped with black berries, that and some warm scrambled eggs and an apple for breakfast if I could finish all 10 miles of the run. Did I want to quit because I was soaked as well as bored because I couldn’t get into a zone? Hell yes, but every mile that I pushed myself was one mile closer to being done and one mile closer to that treat. So the next time you need to push yourself to do something challenging, think about how you can reward yourself when you accomplish your goal. Hard work is its own reward, but sometimes treating yourself to something a little extra special along the way helps you to hit your goal faster, and it makes the effort that much more worth it!

So… end result?!?! This lovely peach frozen yogurt topped with the blackberries I wanted. Super yummy and worth every mile!


Also, just wanted to share what great encouragement I got from everyone today! Thank you all for your kind words and support!!!

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