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Day 94: June 30, 2013- A three hour tour, a three hour tour…

Day 94: 3.05 miles logged, 327.44 miles to go… 3 mile run to start my day. My SUN 6am challenge gals aren’t available for a few weeks, but wanted to get a few miles in before our big canoe adventure. After my run and a shower, we headed off to the Wesselman Canoe Society guided tour of the Bluegrass Lake area with my dad, the kids, and friends Jen, Matt, and Mary. What a trip!

Gotta love my motley crew of canoers today! Learned a lot on the water with my dad, my kids, our guide Neal, Matt Walker, Mary Mallinak Rokicki, and Jennifer Gough Mabrey!

Gotta love my motley crew of canoers today! Learned a lot on the water with my dad, my kids, our guide Neal, Matt Walker, Mary Mallinak Rokicki, and Jennifer Gough Mabrey!

The weather was perfect in the 70’s. The lake was extremely peaceful, and it was GREAT workout! What I have come to realize, though, is that there are some things in life that I am really good at and others I am not so skilled at! Apparently, I am good at spinning a canoe in lots of circles and not paddling very fast, but I think Jen still had a fun time! I will also note that, I and her mom are both very proud of her for trying this new thing!!!

1005604_427070937392186_1081721348_n  1003271_10152016467749447_1733951585_n  1044654_10201383741266026_899897201_n  1012343_10152016885789447_1142938957_n  1010279_10201384529205724_1284829415_n  1045150_10201384530165748_1427946148_n  9384_10201389443488578_656163413_n 9404_10201384526525657_1685968849_n  1017425_10201384054633860_1514066636_n


Took the kids to the movie with dad, and then did a movie night to end our evening. Could hardly keep my eyes open for the movie, so apparently wore myself out on the lake!

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Day 93: June 29, 2013- Huge rummage scale score; busy, busy day!

Day 93: 2.02 miles logged, 330.49 miles to go… Only got a 2 mile run in while cooking brownies for the ball players. Full day of wedding pics, a migraine, a Chemo Buddies shoot, and then movies with my dad and the kids. Great weekend with my dad. Will pick up more miles this week after he heads out to Florida. Until then, enjoying the family time! Also bought a large batch of Stamp It Up! stamps to use for my art classes- so excited! Going to call early this upcoming week to try and get my location secured.


Finished my night writing… with a little bit of company… 1049095_10152015762474447_1662941784_o

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Day 92: June 28, 2013- Dinner for 20+ and dad’s arrival

Day 92: 3.02 miles logged, 332.51 miles to go… 3 mile morning run was all I was able to squeeze in running-wise. Hurried morning at the office trying to get everything work (and SMILE) related done before my dad arrived (2 hours early I might add). He ended up taking sis to Gander Mountain and to the library while I stayed home and prepared dinner and dessert for 20+ people most of the afternoon. Went to go see a movie with him while the kids swam at Coach Z’s folks’ house, and then sat down for a half hour of writing before bed. With dad in town and a SAT morning wedding, will need to up my miles early SUN morning before the canoe trip since I know SAT’s miles will also be low. Looking forward to breaking 300! Hope to do so soon!

P.S. Check out my boys trying to be on their best behavior while I made supper…


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Day 91: June 27, 2013- final preparations for the baseball players’ arrival…

Day 91: 8.02 miles logged, 335.51 miles to go… 3 mile morning run, 5 mile evening run. Had to cut my morning run short to pickup the house for the baseball players’ arrival and to leave the house for BNI. Last day of art for the week for the kiddos,

  10160_10152010068434447_150220209_n  999008_10152010068164447_478464727_n

put the down payment on SUN’s canoe trip, and then had a productive afternoon meeting with my 2013-2014 Corresponding Secretary for Junior League. Finished cleaning the house for my dad’s arrival and was unfortunately a paranoid mess over a low tire gauge (thanks Tony for filling me on what to do while Bob was at baseball). Ended my evening with my 5 mile run and a bit of writing and typing!


P.S. Check out the hydrangeas that I was finally able to cut off of my bush this year!

1004421_10152010830544447_888464154_n So excited!!!

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Day 90: June 26, 2013- Fillings, dancing, and storms

Day 90: 8.02 miles logged, 343.53 miles to go… 4 mile morning run, 4 mile evening run after the rain passed through. Grateful the storm didn’t elicit a migraine because it was a packed day. Missed Arts & Smarts with the kiddos because Cooper managed to break off a filling chewing on a straw.


Productive day at the office, and then supervised two SMILE dance classes

 1048472_10152008463829447_614848182_o 1052675_10152008466779447_746314096_o

before heading home to pickup the house for my dad’s arrival and the baseball players coming in for the weekend. The house looks great, and I got some writing in. Have decided to start posting my manuscript word count via social media as well to keep me on track to finish by my AUG 24th birthday. We’ll see how this goes…


In the meantime, here are a few additional fun pics from the day:

Love my little Junior League of Evansville daughter1013050_10152007070629447_380200335_n

Midafternoon ice cream run (and yes… the GD Ritzy coupons did come from our dentist Dr. Johnson) 1006132_10152007800154447_671775095_n

and gotta love my boxer boys. Caught Dante lounging on Ozzie while I was dusting the living room! 1012994_10152008602729447_177458191_n

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Day 89: June 25, 2013- Hot day to run so far!

Day 89: 10.25 miles logged, 351.55 miles to go… 4 mile morning run, 6 mile evening run/walk on the East side of Evansville. Morning spent at the kids’ sculpture class,

944436_10152004785354447_1368318915_n  1013901_10152004785579447_1382563574_n  1013725_10152004890304447_892142019_n  947145_10152004858589447_631147829_n  1048374_10152004824134447_1634827292_o

afternoon at the office working and preparing for a JLE meeting with one of my committee chairs to go over our plan for the upcoming year. Had the opportunity to go run/walk after work while Mia was at cheer. So spent the time enjoying the east side and working on the plot line development for my manuscript. Lots of miles = great opportunity for creative brainstorming!

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Day 88: June 24- Worst migraine EVER!!!!

Day 88: 3.02 miles logged, 361.67 miles to go… 3 mile evening walk with Bob to end my night. Grateful that my migraine finally abated. The morning started off well. HUGE thunderstorm, but at first no headache. Headed to Walmart to grab supplies for my afternoon mailing project and got a bit sidetracked with the oh, so pretty journals!!!


Nina laughed at me and said that my “the source of my distraction” Facebook post would make for a good book or movie title : )

After that, attended sculpture class with the kids this morning (Unfortunately, that’s when the migraine set in, but overall it was a fun time- the kids are making a sculpture this week of the bend in the river. It is being designed out of steel and driftwood and will be displayed at the front of the Patchwork Central building),

1016659_10152003762499447_1066093854_n  1048072_10152003762639447_1738233191_o

worked with the Kohl’s A-Team on a SMILE mailing and sent Trucks & Heroes follow-ups this afternoon,


and then taught my SMILE Art Smart class tonight.


Yet another full day : ) Gotta love it!

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Day 87: June 23, 2013- And the weekend fun (a.k.a. me being REALLY busy) continues…

Day 87: 8.52 miles logged, 364.69 to go… 2.52 mile run at 6am, followed by a 6 mile SUN 7am challenge walk with Debbie (we pushed back an hour since we weren’t in a huge rush to get started after the girls spent the night). Made breakfast for the five us (Mia and I, Debbie and her two daughters), and then cooked a few meals for a friend and his wife who just had a baby. Took the three girls to the pool,

1040441_10151999687469447_1222205170_o  1040073_10151999729669447_1126945928_o

then dropped them off at Debbie’s. Dropped off the food, and then presented the Junior League of Evansville Signature Projects at the last of three summer recruitment events.


Picked up Mia, and then did a photoshoot for a friend and her little sister. Spent the rest of the night picking up the house, and working on my manuscript. Can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. Looking forward to my dad coming in from Kansas next weekend!!! Hope this work week goes by as fast : )

P.S. on a funny note, just had to share the pic I found on my camera. Apparently my crafty little daughter decided to make a dog house for Mags. Loving the detailed flowers that she added in felt!


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Day 86: June 22, 2013: And I wonder why my weekends fly by so fast…

Day 86: 3.00 miles logged, 373.21 to go… 3 mile morning run before my Junior League board retreat. Got up at 5:30am to hit the road, left the house early to be to Wesselman Nature Preserve by 7am, spent the majority of my day at the retreat,

994283_10151997229549447_594513596_n  1009884_10152003670109447_1554348361_n

then was the ring leader of the slumber party for three little girls for the rest of the night. Finished Debbie’s two mixed media pieces for her kitchen before turning in for the night, and then went to bed feeling like it was a productive day!

1006185_10151998446009447_805955689_n  1016104_10151998364154447_1520756427_n

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Day 85: June 21, 2013- Shade = good

Day 85: 8.04 miles logged, 376.21 to go… 4 mile morning run, 4 mile mid-morning run. Thought running at 10:30am would fun… turns out my route has no shade at that time of day, and the heat and humidity are rather unforgiving! Busy day at the office followed by fun night at the SMILE on Down Syndrome teen/adult L.I.F.E. event where Dr. Page, myself, and Gracie Bell taught separate classes for guys and gals on hygiene, personal care, and for the gals some additional makeup tips as well.

1014304_10151996163594447_304162124_n  1014299_10151996229139447_1994562700_n

(and yes, as Lisa Vidal noticed, I did break out my pearls for the day!!!)


Grocery shopped, and then spent the rest of my evening preparing for SAT’s JLE board retreat and working on the canvases for Debbie’s living room.


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