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It's not just a goal… it's a lifestyle adjustment!

Day 133: Friday, July 9, 2013- Am in complete running withdrawl : (

Day 133: Logged 24 miles on days 124-128, Miles to go: 171. On day 5 of resting my right hip. Was the same one that took me out of running for almost two years, so am trying to be cautious and not push too hard, too fast. Am going to try a small run tomorrow morning to see how it feels. If no pain, am ready to ramp back up to finish these last “few” miles. Am in running withdrawl and am anxious to get back out there!

In the meantime, though, here are some fun pics from my crazy, beautiful life…

1006305_10152099101844447_467397255_n 20130801_183431 THUR night SMILE calendar shoot followed by our AUG wedding group meeting in Henderson at Worsham Hall (love this place!)

543785_10152094370754447_1357954710_n 601357_10152094581459447_1290899235_n FRI night SMILE calendar photoshoot along the river

46933_10152095729294447_1462584259_n 563005_10152096109404447_1223802444_n Junior League of Evansville Provisional fun with one of my besties Debbie followed by haircuts for sis and I at Impulse in Newburgh

1001419_10152098284919447_1029329142_n So excited to find my paper making screens while cleaning out the garage after my walk with Debbie Sunday a.m.

1116075_10152098259089447_2102714365_o Followed that up with pool fun with the kiddos

1147652_10152100042834447_1896644412_o 1082512_10152100282444447_229163054_o Monday got to play group ticket distribution queen at Holiday World for our annual SMILE Trip

535754_496340843792773_411969495_n Helped Nat design her business Facebook cover image and launch the page

1077101_10152101292544447_1008380336_o Finally finished the Buddy Walk brochure. Have sent off to the printer, and am now finally through the proofing and editing stage

971197_10152104933559447_1961566504_n Announced Sapphire blue as this year’s Buddy Walk shirt official color


602013_10152105880134447_1585525845_n Successful dance recital, and what Mommy wouldn’t be proud of this kiddo feedback?!?!

Mia shoutout from a SMILE parent

(click on image to expand)

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Day 94: June 30, 2013- A three hour tour, a three hour tour…

Day 94: 3.05 miles logged, 327.44 miles to go… 3 mile run to start my day. My SUN 6am challenge gals aren’t available for a few weeks, but wanted to get a few miles in before our big canoe adventure. After my run and a shower, we headed off to the Wesselman Canoe Society guided tour of the Bluegrass Lake area with my dad, the kids, and friends Jen, Matt, and Mary. What a trip!

Gotta love my motley crew of canoers today! Learned a lot on the water with my dad, my kids, our guide Neal, Matt Walker, Mary Mallinak Rokicki, and Jennifer Gough Mabrey!

Gotta love my motley crew of canoers today! Learned a lot on the water with my dad, my kids, our guide Neal, Matt Walker, Mary Mallinak Rokicki, and Jennifer Gough Mabrey!

The weather was perfect in the 70’s. The lake was extremely peaceful, and it was GREAT workout! What I have come to realize, though, is that there are some things in life that I am really good at and others I am not so skilled at! Apparently, I am good at spinning a canoe in lots of circles and not paddling very fast, but I think Jen still had a fun time! I will also note that, I and her mom are both very proud of her for trying this new thing!!!

1005604_427070937392186_1081721348_n  1003271_10152016467749447_1733951585_n  1044654_10201383741266026_899897201_n  1012343_10152016885789447_1142938957_n  1010279_10201384529205724_1284829415_n  1045150_10201384530165748_1427946148_n  9384_10201389443488578_656163413_n 9404_10201384526525657_1685968849_n  1017425_10201384054633860_1514066636_n


Took the kids to the movie with dad, and then did a movie night to end our evening. Could hardly keep my eyes open for the movie, so apparently wore myself out on the lake!

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Day 87: June 23, 2013- And the weekend fun (a.k.a. me being REALLY busy) continues…

Day 87: 8.52 miles logged, 364.69 to go… 2.52 mile run at 6am, followed by a 6 mile SUN 7am challenge walk with Debbie (we pushed back an hour since we weren’t in a huge rush to get started after the girls spent the night). Made breakfast for the five us (Mia and I, Debbie and her two daughters), and then cooked a few meals for a friend and his wife who just had a baby. Took the three girls to the pool,

1040441_10151999687469447_1222205170_o  1040073_10151999729669447_1126945928_o

then dropped them off at Debbie’s. Dropped off the food, and then presented the Junior League of Evansville Signature Projects at the last of three summer recruitment events.


Picked up Mia, and then did a photoshoot for a friend and her little sister. Spent the rest of the night picking up the house, and working on my manuscript. Can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. Looking forward to my dad coming in from Kansas next weekend!!! Hope this work week goes by as fast : )

P.S. on a funny note, just had to share the pic I found on my camera. Apparently my crafty little daughter decided to make a dog house for Mags. Loving the detailed flowers that she added in felt!


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Day 85: June 21, 2013- Shade = good

Day 85: 8.04 miles logged, 376.21 to go… 4 mile morning run, 4 mile mid-morning run. Thought running at 10:30am would fun… turns out my route has no shade at that time of day, and the heat and humidity are rather unforgiving! Busy day at the office followed by fun night at the SMILE on Down Syndrome teen/adult L.I.F.E. event where Dr. Page, myself, and Gracie Bell taught separate classes for guys and gals on hygiene, personal care, and for the gals some additional makeup tips as well.

1014304_10151996163594447_304162124_n  1014299_10151996229139447_1994562700_n

(and yes, as Lisa Vidal noticed, I did break out my pearls for the day!!!)


Grocery shopped, and then spent the rest of my evening preparing for SAT’s JLE board retreat and working on the canvases for Debbie’s living room.


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Day 84, June 20, 2013- Pearls of Wisdom

Day 84: 6.02 miles logged, 384.25 to go… 4 mile morning run, 2 mile afternoon run. BNI morning and lovely evening at the Girl Scouts Pearls of Wisdom event. Late night of finishing up a bride’s album so didn’t sneak out for a late night run. Productive day, and happy to have gotten 6 miles in, though!

I have to tell you that I had so much fun at the Pearls of Wisdom event. Tracy Zeller has been talking about pearls lately during her BNI 60 second spots, so the point was really driven home at the GS event how lovely wearing pearls is. I was so inspired that when I went home, I went through my jewelry boxes to dig out the one strand that I have. Looking forward to taking them to TZJ to see if they are real when I head over there to have my rings resized (my wedding band and engagement ring literally fall off right now). Thanks Pat for inviting me to the event and Ashley for being my tablemate!!!


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Day 79: June 15, 2013- Slumber party and late night movies

Day 79: 8.02 miles logged, 414.89 to go… 6 mile morning run and 2 miles walked at the pool. Spent the morning cooking at the United Caring Shelter

DSCF0057  DSCF0054  DSCF0051  DSCF0049  DSCF0048  DSCF0047  DSCF0045

followed by hitting up Burdette Aquatic Center with the kiddos. Afternoon photoshoot then some fun family time with the Baileys.


Ended the night taking the girls back to my house for a slumber party while Debbie kept the boys as part of Julien’s birthday celebration.


Stayed up late working on engagement pics and a Chemo Buddy shoot while I watched Confessions of a Wallflower. Can’t believe the speed at which the weekends fly by!

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Day 66: June 2, 2013- Day of Hope and Blondes vs. Brunettes

969592_10151952320009447_1585631522_n  922935_10151952315729447_687816855_n

Day 66: 1:01 miles logged, 493.01 to go… What a day! Six hour drive home from LaPorte, home for a few minutes to grab my football gear, exhibited at the Chemo Buddies Day of Hope for two hours, and then off to Harrison High School for the 2013 Blondes vs. Brunettes match-up.

The power of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. The Day of Hope was beautifully organized by Jill Kincaid and friends, and I feel honored to have been a part of the event. I know how devastating cancer can be to families, and I came away from the event appreciating the sense of hope that those afflicted have the opportunity to feel. Hope can be looked at in two ways… you’ll either get better, or if you don’t, going home to Heaven isn’t too bad of a consolation. The day was filled with survivors, care givers, medical professionals, and more, and the strength in numbers as well as the faith that some of these people had and shared was a touching experience.

6894_540590679313444_1407799132_n  1210_10151952306169447_909598189_n

Then when I got done with that, I had the privilege of packing up and heading over the football field to once again represent Team Blonde at the Blondes vs. Brunettes match-up for the Alzheimer’s Association. And did my teammates ever come through?!?! Oh my goodness, these women are amazing! Out of the 25k total raised, Team Blonde raised over 15k!!! We also came away with this year’s game trophy after a hard fought 37-33 victory. My new friend Heidi was a rock star, but all of the women who went out on that field deserve to be congratulated for their hard work and perseverance. The Brunettes played hard, and both teams should be proud of the effort put forth.

5868_10151952613399447_1961402481_n  963750_10151953856329447_533099565_o  980873_10151953856419447_1613185566_o 425365_10151952713494447_2057899127_n  7280_10100281832243193_1582304928_n  965119_10151953861619447_1572616687_o 474709_10151953861549447_535307710_o   980245_10151953862054447_777234614_o   971997_4811234600742_1739929107_n

So, anyway, it was fun, literally “marathon” of a weekend. I survived it, and actually feel pretty great. The overwhelming excitement of the accomplishment of Saturday, the experience of being a part of Day of Hope, and the camaraderie of my teammates and coaches make me appreciative of good health and amazing family and friends. I am tremendously blessed! #1000MileMom2013

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Day 57: May 24, 2013- Holiday World Fun and wedding albums

Day 57: 1.00 mile logged, 582.84 to go… Great day at Holiday World with the family. Stopped at McDonalds on 41 and I-64 along the way to check on one of my besties Kat Mykals and Rob while they did their morning radio show on the road! Had a blast, and Rob even let the kids hop on the mic to talk about their favorite rides… Love my dj friends!!!

468858_10151933568239447_2034077005_o  981056_10151933568534447_467046547_o

 20130524_141532 20130524_120347

Now watching a Once Upon a Time marathon while I work on a wedding album. Girls’ Night Out fell through, so I’m going to call it a night soon to get up early for tomorrow’s big run… wish me luck. This will be my final long run before next weekend’s big trip back home! More info to come when I can share what distance I hit when it’s all said and done…

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Day 55: May 22, 2013 Gearing up for game day

Day 55: 10.04 miles logged, 577.81 miles to go- A bit bruised up from practice, but getting really excited for game day!

263213_10151929865524447_1291137727_n Double rainbows = double the fun at practice!!!


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Day 54: May 21, 2013- Swimsuits and self confidence

Day 54: 7.03 miles logged, 587.85 miles to go- Was pleasantly surprised how much easier my five mile hilly run went earlier tonight than my attempt from less than a week ago. Makes me more confident that the long run I’m planning to tackle on SAT should go smoother than I had hoped and that I might actually be able to run up all of Halleluiah Hill in less than two weeks. On a personal note, I think today was the first time that I have ever walked into a fitting room not absolutely terrified. I hate trying on clothes, but I was actually a little excited about finding a new swimsuit for our Holiday World trip on FRI. I found a cute one in a size I have never worn before, and for the first time in a long time, I looked at myself in that three way mirror and for once had a sense of peace. I have struggled with self-confidence and body image for years, but I am blessed to have an amazing husband and true friends who love me for the person on the inside. So while it’s really nice to be at my fittest body shape in my entire life, it’s more important to me that I am healthy and happy. Taking off the weight isn’t so much about being thin as it is about living a long and fruitful life with Bob and the kids as well as my family and friends. I am tremendously blessed, and I think the smile on my face when I caught site of myself in that mirror today reflected the joy in my heart. It’s kind of fun, too, to see the outer reflection of myself catching up with the inner me…  P.S. I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend Tony for his kind words the other day. I haven’t seen him in a while, and it was nice that he noticed the difference since I’d seen him last! I’m putting myself through a grueling physical challenge by trying these 1000 miles in 6 months (a schedule that I am trying to bump up to possibly 4.5-5 months because of a potential late summer timing conflict- anyone else trying this, I highly recommend stretching it out over a full year!!!!!), so it was nice to hear that the hard work is paying off!

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