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Day 65, June 1, 2013: Double Milestone Day

Day 65: 27.16 miles logged, 494.02 to go… Successfully ran all of today’s marathon, AND passed the 500 mile mark on my 1000 mile goal.  I finished 359/490 with an official time of 4:46:49.

marathon montage

When you realize at mile 25 that your goal has changed from just finishing and not being in last place like your first marathon to instead finishing strong and running the whole thing, you know it’s a good day!

So, it was definitely an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I realized I had ran the whole marathon. I’ll admit that I cried a little when I ran through the tunnel that the players go through at Notre Dame football field.

Next up… A six hour drive home tomorrow, exhibiting for a Chemo Buddies event in the afternoon, and rocking out the Blondes vs Brunettes football game for the Alzheimer’s Association tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at Harrison High School football field.

Lastly, I will share that today’s marathon was such a stark contrast to the first time I tried one five years ago, and I that you will likely never fully understand, and I am extremely appreciative for all of the likes and the words of encouragement on my posts throughout the run today! A special shout-out also to Bob Davis, Cate Sisco, and Tess Fleming who also texted me during the run as well. All of you guys’ pick-me-ups were just what I needed to successfully tackle 26.2 miles today! I have the most amazing friends, and I am tremendously blessed!!! Thank you all for being a part of my crazy, busy life!

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