1000 Mile Mom

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Day 9- April 6, 2013- miserably sore : ( and ready for bed

on April 6, 2013

Day 9: 5.69 miles walked, Miles to go: 951.15… Long day with the estate sale and a wedding, but made the most of a little bit of free time here and there and got a number of mini walks in (all with Cooper, who was a terrific walking buddy!). My back is super sore and tight tonight, though- definitely not a good kind of a sore : ( More like the kind that tricks my brain into thinking the carbs will make me feel better- ugh!!!! I did give in and eat some Twizzlers… and a few Starburst (and yes, I feel awful!!!), but I am really trying to stick to green tea and a lot of water to end my night as I start processing wedding pics camped out in bed. It’s only 9:30, but it feels like midnight! Not sure how long I’ll stay up. Have a Nikki’s SUN 6am challenge walk with Cate Sisco in the morning, so need to get a good night’s rest!!!

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