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Day 32: April 29, 2013- Run interrupted…

on April 29, 2013

Day 32: 10.01 miles today, Miles to go: 754.71… 10 mile run after work… pretty uneventful… till the bug flew in my eye!!!! Ugh! I stopped at a neighbor’s driveway to let him drive in, but he waved me on and said out the window that he didn’t want me to break my stride. Just as I lifted my head to thank him… BAM! That nasty little critter dive bombed my cornea!


I totally couldn’t see, and his super sweet wife in the car behind him stopped to see if she could take me into their house to put drops in it. I asked her if I could just get a Kleenex or napkin, and then I made my way back home (quite a bit embarrassed to be taken out by an animal the size of a pinhead) to flush out my eye. So, for tomorrow night’s blog, I have decided to check with my eye doctor, and my day 33 post should include info on what the official protocol should be if you are in a similar situation. With that being said, though, I do still have a pictures in the park session to process from yesterday, so I will bid you good night! More info on the whole bug situation to come tomorrow!!! Later…

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