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Day 85: June 21, 2013- Shade = good

on June 21, 2013

Day 85: 8.04 miles logged, 376.21 to go… 4 mile morning run, 4 mile mid-morning run. Thought running at 10:30am would fun… turns out my route has no shade at that time of day, and the heat and humidity are rather unforgiving! Busy day at the office followed by fun night at the SMILE on Down Syndrome teen/adult L.I.F.E. event where Dr. Page, myself, and Gracie Bell taught separate classes for guys and gals on hygiene, personal care, and for the gals some additional makeup tips as well.

1014304_10151996163594447_304162124_n  1014299_10151996229139447_1994562700_n

(and yes, as Lisa Vidal noticed, I did break out my pearls for the day!!!)


Grocery shopped, and then spent the rest of my evening preparing for SAT’s JLE board retreat and working on the canvases for Debbie’s living room.


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